Laura Navarre

Amazon category bestselling author Laura Navarre (she/her) is the wild & witchy why-choose romance author for smart and fearless readers like you. She offers intense and steamy out-of-this world adventure with powerful heroines who don’t have to choose, passionate prose that packs a punch, and enough male/male heat to set your Academy uniform on fire.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, Laura wrote dark fantasy romance for Harlequin, while her sinister twin Nikki Navarre wrote sexy spy romance. Now, with a lucky thirteen sexy stories released worldwide, this Washington, DC-based nomad writes erotic paranormal and sci fi action romance featuring bi heroes, badass heroines, and truckloads of poly heat.

Laura is a cat lover, globetrotter, wine addict, PhD student, and president of Ascendant Press. When she isn’t conjuring witchy worlds, she’s a diplomat with a professional background in weapons of mass destruction and an MFA in writing popular fiction. She’s a 2009 Golden Heart finalist, two-time winner of the Golden Pen, winner of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association romance award and many RWA awards. She’s also relentlessly obsessive, alarmingly efficient, and a recovering perfectionist. She’s deeply suspicious of the Oxford comma, but she’s never met an em dash she doesn’t love.

Stalk Laura across the galaxy like the queen killer stalks Zara at the Icarus Academy in Gemini Queen! Laura’s adventures across the witching world are trackable by witches, warlocks, humans, and aliens alike at:

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