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I don’t know about you, but for me, this month has been one wild ride. The pre-holiday rush is always insane, and release month for Interstellar Angel was out of this world—my first Amazon category bestseller, thanks to all of you, yay!!! I’m also heading toward qualifying exams for my PhD in Biodefense (basically a degree in keeping weapons of mass destruction away from the bad guys) and taking a super-heavy course load on WMD technology for that. PLUS I’m juggling two full time equivalent jobs in the office with a lot of folks counting on me, then running this publishing company, while trying to stay sane and healthy…you get the picture! 

And…did I mention…I have a new book coming! 😊 Kaia, Dex, Nero, and Zorin are back! Renegade Angel is a steamy, angsty, enemies-to-lovers, fast-burn Star Wars MMMF reverse harem action romance and Book 2 in the Astral Heat Romance Series. Four rival races. Three men she can never trust. And one galactic armageddon only their forbidden passion can prevent. There’s that WMD technology background of mine making itself useful! 

Renegade Angel explodes wide across the galaxy Dec. 1. Now if only I can make it to release day…AND survive my PhD classes…without losing my frickin’ mind!  

Launch Countdown for Renegade Angel 

Houston, we are at T minus 18 days and counting! Pre-order now from your favorite bookseller. Here’s an early review snippet from Dasha, one of my favorite Goodreads reviewers: “The first book in the series had a lot of sexual tension, but this book is smoking hot.” 😍


Recommended Read of the Month:
Arik by Tasha Black!

Frontier moon…alien adoption…action romance…AND an alien dragon shifter hero hot enough to singe your circuits! Need I say more? Book 7 in Tasha Black’s Alien Adoption Agency (Stargazer Series) just released wide across the galaxy. Amid the dangers of an alien moon, Arik is a fiercely protective guardian to both the sweet baby he’s adopted and the resourceful and resilient but innocent Terran woman who becomes his fated mate. Arik is sexy AF, while Lucy is both strong and sweet, which makes her very appealing. A sweet little baby shares the star billing in this alien romance. An all-around satisfying read, and a great entry to sci fi alien romance for anyone who’s curious to try the genre.  Check it out! 


Now for the Free Reads! Come and Get ‘Em! 

Unearthly Romance

Alien pirates, dragon shifters, werewolf menage, sci fi romcom & some very hot vampires abound in this jam-packed paranormal romance giveaway. Literally enough free reads to keep you going for weeks! Including a couple of holiday paranormals just to get you in the proper spirit.   


Free Sci Fi Romance/Alien Mates 

Every month I bring you at least one sci fi romance giveaway with plenty of outer space action, and this month is no exception! This steamy constellation of alien heroes will make you hotter than an O-class star!


Free Steamy Romance Reads!

Bad boy romance, naughty neighbors, cocky cowboys, daddy kink and more, all packed onto one combustible page!  If you like it HOT, this is the free book bonanza for you. 


Are You on BookBub? Connect with a New Sci Fi or Fantasy Author & You Could Win a MONGO Amazon Gift Card 

How much fantasy & sci fi can you buy with a $300 Amazon gift card? The answer is—a lot! For every new-to-you fantasy & sci fi author you follow on BookBub from the link below, you boost your chance of winning. May the odds be ever in your favor!    


Sales & Hot Preorders (typically discounted, but check before buying!)

A Galaxy of Sci Fi Bargain Romances Sales Promo

What’s better than an awesome new site jam-packed with hot sci fi action romance reads? Well, when they’re all on sale! This party ends Nov. 30, so don’t dawdle. 😊   



Otherworldly Mates 

Yep, alien heroes are legit having a moment. Here’s your chance to explore some of the hottest, baddest alien hunks in the galaxy.  



Looking for New Reverse Harem for Kobo, Nook, Google Play, Smashwords?

I’ve been hearing from readers that reverse harem is hard to find if you’re not a Kindle Unlimited kinda reader. Well, I gotcha covered! These October reverse harem releases are available on ALL platforms (including Amazon). 


Menage & Reverse Harem Steamy Reads 

Because, seriously, I just can’t get enough of ‘em. This one includes plenty of menage as well as larger harems! 


Smoking Hot Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Reverse Harem Amazon New Releases

FOMO? Fear no more! All the new fall and winter paranormal, fantasy & sci fi reverse harem Amazon releases are bundled here on one galactically good webpage for your reading delectation. 


Rejected Mates…Fantastic Fates 

There’s nothing more angsty than a good rejected mates romance. What’s a gal to do when her fated mate rejects her? These fantasy/urban fantasy/sci fi/paranormal rejected mates stories will shoot you through the stratosphere, put your heart through the wringer, and give you ALL the feels!  


Interstellar Dispatch:
Solar Flare Larger than Planet Earth Causes Global Blackouts

If you lost power last Wednesday, this could be the reason why! Apparently the sun spits out solar flares larger than our planet, and the radiation from one of them hit us broadside on Nov. 10. Did your power flicker or your computer glitch? I was mesmerized by these apocalyptic video images of the sun spewing fire.

Active October Sun Releases X-Class Flare

Still with me? You rock! Don’t forget to stalk me on social media like a space pirate you’ve sworn to shoot out of the skies. 😊   


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