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This hardly seems possible, two years after I started this crazy journey with a book I never planned to write in a genre I didn’t even know existed, but Interstellar Angel comes out in a month! October 12 is the day this spaceship of mine finally launches into orbit. Living this whole adventure still feels like I’m dreaming, with sine waves of floaty euphoria punctuated by spikes of nerves and terror. 😊 But I just received the best surprise I could’ve asked for, at the time I needed it most.

Bear with me, cuz there’s a boatload of free reads below!

Writing is so often a solo endeavor, and so often, encouragement can be hard to find. This life is about pressing the “I believe” button as much as it is about putting fingers to keyboard. Returning to the publishing world after so long away, not to mention navigating this genre pivot from traditional romance to sci fi romance/reverse harem, I’ve had to really focus to find readers and get early reviews. Which is why I was so incredibly thrilled to learn Interstellar Angel has just won second place in the Romance Writers of America’s Fantasy/Futuristic/Paranormal On the Far Side contest!

Doing well in a major contest is always a rush, but it was extra special for me as the author of a “non-traditional” romance with three heroes, one heroine, and strong M/M along with M/F and MMMF elements. The contest only lets you submit the first 20 pages, so all the judges saw was a steamy meet between two of my heroes. In prior years, I honestly don’t think I would’ve finalled at all. But there’s a big push toward diversity & inclusion in Romancelandia these days, and Interstellar Angel benefited from that. I’m so thankful to the judges, the organization, and all of you—my friends and fellow readers—for giving this book a chance.

😍 Last Chance (for now) to Join the Astral Angels! 😍

Speaking of gratitude, I’m so lucky to have the Astral Angels, my pre-release review team, to give early reads, reviews, and feedback—which is so valuable to any author, and so fundamental to any author’s success. Reviews persuade readers like you to give writers like me a chance.

I’m looking for five more early readers to round out the pre-release review team for Interstellar Angel. If you review books on Goodreads, Amazon, a blog or favorite distributor site and would like to add my steamy sci fi reverse harem romance to your TBR, please join the Astral Angels!  It’s easy to do. Just sign up below, download the ARC, and leave an honest review on your favorite site before the Oct. 12 release.

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Launch Countdown for Interstellar Angel 

Houston, we are at T minus one month and counting! Pre-order now from your favorite distributor site. 😍


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This month I’m dishing about a new-to-me sci fi romance author. Starla Night is a USA Today bestselling author whose September 21 release, Sithe, is a new series launch book and her debut wide release (meaning you can find it, literally, everywhere!) Her grim reaper hero has metal scythes fused to his wrist-bones…and he’s broody and HOT.  I mean it!  Get ready for alien shifters, space pirates, fated mates, a badass heroine, and sizzling outer space adventure barreling at you like an asteroid collision.


Still on the fence? Check out her free teaser here!  https://geni.us/Sithe

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Interstellar Dispatch: Astronauts & Ice Cream

Seven sexy astronauts from the U.S., Russia, Japan & France took a little well-deserved time off on Labor Day…with ice cream!

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