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I’m super excited to send you this month’s interstellar broadcast because I’ve got TONS of free book giveaways and promos I’m supporting across the sci fi romance, fantasy romance, and erotic romance universe. Below is where I give you the goods!

While I’ve got you, I’m also loving the chance to share a few fun facts about being an indie reverse harem romance author. Just in case you’re ever wondering about trying it yourself!

Fun Fact #1: You really can write a steamy sex scene, well, anywhere.

It’s a not-so-closely-kept secret that I started writing my sexy reverse harem outer space romance adventure Interstellar Angel on my iPhone, using Google docs, while commuting to my government day job on the D.C. Metro.  At first I thought it might inhibit me, writing this sexy stuff on a packed commuter train…but that turned out to be, um, not a problem.  Not only was I perfectly content curled up on my banana-yellow bench typing furiously away with my thumbs while steam fogged my window.  I found I was also 100% capable of getting my heroine horizontal with three super-sexy space hunks while standing in the aisle, with suit-clad commuters wedged against me, reading over my shoulder literally as the words appeared.  If THAT doesn’t block me, I’m pretty sure nothing ever will!

Fun Fact #2: The most fun you’ll EVER have doing research is reverse harem erotic research. 😊

Not to mention, it makes a fabulous conversation starter!  I was in the Philippines on business and found myself sharing a breakfast table at the hotel with three male colleagues who were trainers at a workshop my organization was funding.  They were great guys and I felt comfy sharing what I write.  One guy asked if it’s hard doing all that sci fi research, and I said no, thanks to my background I felt pretty comfortable there, but what I really needed to research was all that polyamorous sex.  They were agog!  Until I explained that my “research” consisted largely of reading tons in the genre.  Probably good that I cleared that up, because married. 😊

Fun Fact #3: It’s awesome running your own publishing company!

One of the biggest thrills of this entire rollicking adventure has been becoming the president of my very own indie publishing company, Ascendant Press!  Last month I shared a bit about working with my outstanding writer-hubby Steven (my own real-life romance hero!) who acts as our CEO.  That means the two of us get to decide what stories we think readers want to see, and they don’t ALWAYS have to be reverse harem outer space adventure!  Next year—after a bunch of my Astral Heat Romance releases hit the street—we’ll be rolling out something totally different.  Steven’s debut memoir about growing up Amish-Mennonite and leaving that world to study Shakespeare in London on a Rotary scholarship. How To Tie a Tie, will be the debut release from Ascendant’s creative non-fiction imprint, Soul Teachers, tentatively slated for 2022.

Launch Countdown for INTERSTELLAR ANGEL

Houston, we are at T minus five months to launch!  We publish Oct. 12, 2021.  And I’m so excited I’m hugging myself and giggling. 😊  Available now for pre-order across the galaxy: 
Interstellar Angel (An Astral Heat Romance: #1) | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! (books2read.com)

Now on to the good stuff—my recommended read of the month and all those freebies!

Recommended Read of the Month:  Hot Reverse Harem Android Romance!
Good Deeds by Kathryn Moon
OMG, I read this book while lying on the beach in Key West for my uber-fun milestone birthday blowout, and it contributed SO magnificently to the frolic!  For me, it was like a super-steamy reverse harem Bladerunner, very noir and gritty futuristic, with spectacular worldbuilding and android heroes.  I’m still discovering all the marvelous diversity reverse harem has to offer, and I wasn’t 100% sure before I started that android RH romance was going to do it for me—but damn if it didn’t!  I simply loved this scary-capable space scavenger/engineer heroine and the five androids whose sexual services she barters her engineer skills to “borrow” after her biological heat sends her into an irresistible, multi-day mating frenzy.  Lots of sex, lots of action, and a standalone read with a goopy/satisfying happily-ever-after.  This one’s not a freebie, but it’s worth it!  Here’s the link: 
Good Deeds – Kindle edition by Moon, Kathryn, Bishop, Ariel, Box, Sara. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Do you happen to know of any other books like this one out there?  I’m talking really well-written, futuristic reverse harem romance with distinctive android or cyborg heroes and a compelling heroine, written in a noir style and set in a well-constructed sci fi world?  Shoot me an email or post on my Facebook or Twitter with your recs!

Erotic LGBTQ+ Free Book Bonanza of the Month:
Here comes the free stuff!  If you’re looking for super steamy in every single flavor, including plenty of hot M/M, M/M/F, and F/F action and all of it free free free, look no further!  Download these bad boys and girls PDQ, because the bonanza ends May 31. 
Erotic LGBT Romance Giveaway (bookfunnel.com)

Free Sci-Fi Romance Bonanza of the Month:
Here’s that huge, free sci-fi romance blowout you’ve been waiting for.  A galaxy of hot hunks & cosmic reads—all free for a limited time.  Teleport over & grab your freebies before they’re gone!  This party ends May 31.
Sci-Fi Romance for May (bookfunnel.com)

Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Freebies: 
Like a little fantasy & paranormal with your free romance?  Sexy shifters, cyborgs, alphas, and vampires of all possible flavors are available for the month of May only! 

May’s Magical Love FREEBIES ~ Soar with a supernatural partner! (bookfunnel.com)

Interstellar Broadcast:

I found this month’s real-world outer space newsflash in the New York Times:  “Scientists Unspool Story of Asteroid’s Journey to Botswana.”
Here’s my favorite quote:  “Five feet long and weighing about the same as an adult African elephant…the meteorites looked a lot like animal poop.  Bat-eared foxes and warthogs strolled past, lions stealthily stalked and slaughtered giraffes while…wardens protected the search party in case a fanged predator got too close for comfort.”  Sounds like an awesome setting for a sci fi romance!
A 22-Million-Year Journey From the Asteroid Belt to Botswana – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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