Dispatches from Space:

They say writing and publishing a book takes a village. When you’re a debut reverse harem sci fi romance author with three back-to-back releases, it takes a starbase.  A starbase peopled with extremely hot men!

When I dove into writing the faraway galaxy Astral Heat Romance series, I didn’t even know reverse harem was a thing. I was writing on my iPhone under quarantine purely for pleasure, and my adorable cosmic mate hubby Steven—himself a professional writer and writing mentor—was pretty much a captive audience. He gamely listened to rough-draft chapters I read him at night over a superb bottle of wine while he whipped up gourmet dinners for the two of us (yep, I’m a lucky one!)

And despite being a staunchly hetero male down to the last chromosome of his DNA, he listened with interest and encouragement to my steamy male-male and male-male-male and male-male-male-female encounters and offered thoughtful critique that made the whole project so much better.

I could never have written Interstellar Angel, the launch book for the Astral Heat Romance series, without Steven’s support. Now he’s also my business partner and CEO for Ascendant Press, the independent publishing company we rolled out during Covid as I pivoted away from a decade writing traditional romance for Harlequin into this new genre and this new indie universe. We’re learning so much so fast! Steven is the visionary and long-term strategist, while I’m the tactician and president—the one responsible for getting the enterprise launched and the books to market.

And because we’re a two-person show, Steven also functions as our secretary and the-guy-who-knows-where-everything-is, while I’m also the treasurer and keeper-afloat-of-our-financial-boat. Also aboard are our two Neva Masquerade Siberian cats, who provide emotional support, purrs and furry snuggles. Ahoy there! I’ll be posting more about York (colloquially known as Puddin) and Lannister (colloquially known as Squeaks).

And we have so much help! I’ll be future shout-outs to the amazing editors, formatters, cover artists, marketers, mentors, website mavens, author-advisers and crying pillows who are helping us launch this satellite into orbit.  

Interstellar Angel is our collective baby, our debut release, coming to a galaxy near you October 12. Think Star Wars meets Reverse Harem by way of The Hunger Games. Preorder links for your favorite bookseller are here at www.books2read.com/InterstellarAngel .


What I’m Reading:

Since I plunged into my reverse harem (RH) writing career so spontaneously, I’m binge reading to learn the genre and just hoovering up everything. My current indulgence is Rise of the Iliri by Auryn Hadley. It’s consistently one of the dominant recommended reads on the RH Facebook reader pages…of which there are so many! The heroine is a savagely competent alien assassin/orphan on a world brutally conquered by Terrans, and her harem of swordmates/comrades/lovers are various exotic flavors of alien-human crossbreed. (All of them yummy!)

It’s a gripping read with intricate worldbuilding, tons of sex-and-swordplay action, a journey of discovery for the heroine, an unconventional take on racial tension, and a full-spectrum emotional roller coaster ride. There’s no male-male action in this one (at least that I’ve encountered yet!), but plenty of sizzle and heat. Free on Kindle Unlimited for those who indulge!

Amazon.com: BloodLust: A Complete Epic Fantasy Series (Rise of the Iliri Book 1) eBook: Hadley, Auryn: Kindle Store

Free Read of the Month:
Fallen Warriors by Aurora Welkin

There’s nothing I love more than a sexy reverse harem sci fi free read!  The one I’m loving right now is Fallen Warriors by Aurora Welkin. A steamy adventure starring a human female and three sexy aliens who are determined to claim their mate! This one has no male-male action, but plenty of guy-guy-guy on girl sexy times!

We are warriors. We are shifters. We are Saberians.
We are the greatest…until we fall.

When the females of Saber mysteriously die, Prince Arana, the only remaining member of the Royal family, vows to govern the living and avenge the fallen.
As if being the new king was not enough, Arana faces a grave challenge. He and Beast, his sabertooth half, need to play nice long enough to accomplish the only thing that will save them: finding compatible females for his people.
He needs to lead his warriors by example, else his failure will cost him more than just his life. Will he locate a mate whom Beast will accept in time, or will he lead those he pledged to protect to doom?
Fallen Warriors is an origin story prequel that ends in a cliffhanger. Arana’s story climaxes in book 2 of the series, Saved Warriors, a sci-fi alien warrior MFMM reverse harem romance. (No M/M). Happily ever after guaranteed!
And did I mention it’s FREE? Grab your copy with a click:  
Get your FREE copy of Fallen Warriors (bookfunnel.com)

Recommended Romance: Her Two Men in Tahiti
by Dana Delamar & Kristine Cayne 

Maybe you’d prefer a little contemporary menage set in a glamorous international locale for your reading fix?  I’m giving a major shout-out to Dana Delamar and Kristine Cayne, whose Total Indulgence series was my intro to the genre. These books are like gourmet chocolate, to be nibbled and savored over a snifter of brandy while you sink deep into your favorite armchair. My absolute favorite is Her Two Men in Tahiti: A Rock Star Romance, with—you guessed it—two super-yummy British bad boy rock star heroes who’ve been jonesing for each other for years, and the super-appealing heroine they can’t get enough of.

Here’s your link for these bad boys:
Her Two Men in Tahiti: A Rock Star Romance (Total Indulgence Book 2) – Kindle edition by Delamar, Dana, Cayne, Kristine. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

And the full series:
Total Indulgence Series | Dana Delamar

Sci Fi Book Bonanza of the Month:

Looking for some bookish deals? This Fantasy & Sci-fi book fair has over 150 free & discounted books, plus KU finds! There’s also a huge giveaway at the bottom!  Open for the month of April only.

View the fair here: https://clcannon.net/bookfair

Did I mention there’s a chance to win a Kindle Fire, a one-month gift subscription to Owlcrate, and a $10 Starbucks gift card?

Erotic LBGTQ+ Book Bonanza of the Month: 

And if you’re looking for super steamy in every single flavor, including plenty of hot M/M, M/M/F, and F/F action that’s 100% free, look no further! Here’s your fix for these bad boys and girls:


This bonanza is up and running through May 31.

Interstellar Broadcast: 
And, to wrap it up this month, a New York Times headline to thrill any sci fi romance reader’s soul: “As New Yorkers Keep Heads up, UFO Reports are on the Rise.” Makes me want to read more alien romance!

U.F.O. Reports Surged During the Pandemic – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

See you on the far side!





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