Outer space adventure just got a whole lot hotter.

I was published traditionally with Harlequin and many others at the start of my writing career. But I stopped in 2017 to pivot toward a long-deferred PhD program and plan a cross-country migration from Seattle to Washington, D.C., where I started a new journey.

Now, midway through an intense academic program fueled by my “day job” for a government agency keeping weapons of mass destruction away from the bad guys, one of the most enjoyable surprises of a globally challenging 2020 was to find myself returning to the writing world in a whole new genre. I hadn’t written a word creatively since 2017, but the books that would become the Astral Heat romance series poured out of me in a way I never expected.

I built my historical writing career as a meticulous plotter. Outlining every book and scene before I wrote it, surrounded by piles of research notebooks and textbooks, approaching my writing with ritualistic attention to every detail. But Interstellar Angel—the book I never planned to start, much less finish—spilled out of my head onto the screen like a watermain break.

My characters dragged me by the ankles through this roller coaster of an outer space adventure in a completely spontaneous, no-holds-barred, no-rules-followed, seat-of-the-pants joyride. I wrote the entire first cycle of the series on my iPhone (three books!) I didn’t even realize there was a name for what I’d written–this epic romp through a galaxy far away with three intergalactic heroes and a totally badass rebel cybergirl heroine–until my writing guru Angela James told me, “It’s called reverse harem.”

So here I am today, still beavering away at the PhD in D.C., still saving the world from the bad guys one scientist at a time, and now launching this new career as a reverse harem space opera romance author for my very own independent publishing company, Ascendant Press. Interstellar Angel is the gateway to the Astral Heat universe, where Star Wars meets 50 Shades by way of The Hunger Games. In a galactic mating contest where desire can be deadly, the only guys my heroine wants are the three she can never trust.

If you like the sound of turbocharged outer space action with a fearless heroine, a complete cliffhanger series that ends with a guaranteed happily-ever-after and a whole lot of heat, you can grab a copy of Book 1 on preorder at the links below:


And if you like the book, or have ideas on what else you’d like to see in the reverse harem sci fi universe, please drop me a line. I’d be happy to hear from you!

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