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Interstellar Angel Print Book GIVEAWAY + Excerpt






Don’t miss the Goodreads print book giveaway for INTERSTELLAR ANGEL!

Enter NOW to receive a signed, pre-release print copy of INTERSTELLAR ANGEL!

To enter, click on the “Enter Now!” button below, then click “Enter Giveaway” on the Goodreads page.


Exclusive Excerpt from 

For some damn reason, he always brought out the devil in her. Kaia hitched her brows and held his stare. “I’m not begging yet, boy toy.”


Amethyst lightning flashed in his eyes. “You will be.”


And just like that, he was on her. Unleashed from all that godlike restraint and savage with need. A predator crouching between her legs, pinning her in place, hands sliding up her thighs to trap her.


“I want you to show me,” Nero breathed. “Show me how you want me to touch you. Show me how you pleasure yourself when you fantasize about riding me in your bed.”


Angels and asteroids, that ego of his. 


“Wouldn’t you rather have me show you how Dex touches me?” She just couldn’t seem to stop taunting him. “Or maybe Zorin? You haven’t been in his bed yet, have you? Want me to tell you what he’s like?”


“I’ll find out for myself soon enough.” His guttural tone scraped against her senses to make her shiver. Even as he nuzzled her inner thigh with heated lips and looked up at her with those infernal eyes. “Right now, they’re light years away. Show me you.”


Foreplay for the two of them had always been about temptation. Testing how hard they could torment each other without crossing that uncrossable line. Now they’d removed all the guardrails. 


Which meant she could tease him…tease both of them…right to the edge of reason. 

Pre-Order Now!

Live Oct. 12!

😍 Join the Astral Angels—Laura’s ARC Review Team! 😍


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Until next time, may the Force be with you!


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Interstellar Broadcast: Reverse Harem SciFi Romance






Greetings, Earthlings!

And a warm welcome to those of you just joining me after participating in the AWESOME alpha romance giveaway in July!  Keep reading for all the free sci fi, fantasy & romance reads I could find for you this month, plus the chance to win a $300 Amazon gift card. :-)

For everyone I already know, did you miss me?  I took off the whole month of July from publishing to conduct firsthand, sandals-on-the-ground research for my upcoming travel memoir, titled Caribbean Beaches I Have Known.  (Just kidding!!)  Although I definitely WAS vacationing in Siesta Key, FL; Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica; and wallowing hedonistically on a cruise that went to Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel!  Here’s a pic of me and my cosmic mate/hubby/business partner Steven on a boat we chartered in Jamaica.

A picture containing sky, person, outdoor Description automatically generated

Now that we’re back, I’m launching into hyperdrive getting ready for book launch!  I’m so incredibly pumped that the ARC (that’s advanced reader copy) for INTERSTELLAR ANGEL is out on NetGalley and pretty much everywhere. AND I’m madly hunting for reviewers!  If you review books on Amazon, Goodreads, a blog, NetGalley, or your favorite retailer site, that means I’m looking for YOU!  The deal is you get a free book in exchange for an honest review posted on one or more of the sites above prior to release day (October 12).

Interested? Keep reading!


In a galactic mating contest where desire is deadly, the combatant who impregnates a rebel princess wins the contest and rules the galaxy. But this fiery princess is fiercely opposed to the whole concept and leads 500 aggressive, ambitious, testosterone-fueled suitors on the galactic race of their lives! STAR WARS meets HUNGER GAMES in this steamy space opera/reverse harem sci fi romance. Get ready for plenty of hot M/M and M/F action, light bondage, and kickass outer space adventure.

😍 Sign up to read the ARC here! 😍

Or, if you’re on NetGalley, request the ARC directly here

Launch Countdown for INTERSTELLAR ANGEL

A picture containing text, person, underpants Description automatically generated
Houston, we are at T minus two months until release day for my first-in-series reverse harem sci fi romance debut—and vibrating with excitement! Swing by your nearest starbase and pre-order yours from your favorite distributor (hint, it’s half-off the purchase price literally everywhere!):



Love At First Bite by Tymber Dalton

This month I’m dishing about Deep Space Mission Corps by Tymber Dalton! While lying on a Jamaican beach sipping Pina Coladas and working on my tan, I DEVOURED the launch book for this completed sci fi reverse harem romance series, called LOVE AT FIRST BIGHT.  And I so adored it!

Dr. Emilia Hypatia is a medic and empath assigned to a Deep Space Mission Corps spaceship with three galactically hot heroes who are already bonded with each other, but still totally traumatized by the long-ago loss of their female lover on a mission gone hideously awry.  Em (who never planned on this whole outer space thing as a career choice) has to learn to be an astronaut, carry her weight in shipboard duties, and teach three wounded heartthrobs how to love her the way they already love each other. This lightning-fast read features exotic planets, outer space adventure, and a vulnerable but determined heroine coming into her own power as lover and teammate. I really adored this medium-burn MMMF read with a smart, appealing heroine and three wounded heroes who wrung out my heart like a dishcloth! Here’s where you can grab yours:

Now for ALL the Free Reads You Can Handle! 

A picture containing text, indoor, underpantsDescription automatically generated

Holy romance freebies, Batman! This all-genre romance giveaway has a TRUCKLOAD of free books, and they are looking MIGHTY steamy!  Running for this month only, so hoover up your hotties right here!


Just literally one of my favorite romance genres ever!  For a galaxy of free sci fi romance reads—exotic aliens, sexy space pirates, seductive shifters and more, check out this free book bonanza right here.  The party ends Aug. 31, so don’t delay!



Looking for a new-to-you genre or a new-to-you author? This LGBTQIA+ Romance Book Fair ENDS Aug. 13, and the covers are hot enough to melt my iPhone! Check it out here:



How about some steamy menage and (hello!) reverse harem with a badass heroine who takes absolutely zero prisoners? This giveaway starts AUGUST 10 (so wait for it) and is packed with all the menage/reverse harem reads you could ever want, for free!  Great time to try this steamy cutting-edge genre without spending a cent!



Looking for a little break from all romance, all the time? How about some sci fi, fantasy and horror that are pro-queer, disability-positive, multicultural, and neurodiverse? I gotcha covered with this spectacular bonanza of freebies (ends Aug. 31):



Let’s find out, shall we?  Follow these sci fi and fantasy authors on BookBub and other social media for TONS of chances to win a $300 Amazon Gift Card!




Did you know the American, Russian, French and Japanese astronauts at the International Space Station are not only watching the Olympics from orbit, but conducting their own games up there? Events such as synchronized floating and (very) long jumps are on the roster—with medals awarded, too!

Astronauts on the International Space Station celebrate the olympics

Here’s hoping this month’s interstellar broadcast launched you into orbit! Don’t forget to track me on social media like a rogue comet barreling straight for Earth. I’d love to connect with you.

TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@LauraNavarreAuthor

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Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/LauraNavarreInterstellarRomance

Twitter:  www.Twitter.com/LauraNavarre

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/lauranavarre


Until next month, may the Force be with you!



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Steals and Deals!





Greetings, Earthlings!

You know that feeling when you push yourself past your limits? That primal scream of triumph that rips through you when you crush it? That surge of elation that makes every synapse in your body sing?

Yeah. That feeling. Right now, I’m rocking it.

Because after nineteen months of writing a 235K word intergalactic epic on my iPhone like a crazy person…stopping in the produce section to tap out a furious sentence I didn’t want to lose…standing on the sidewalk with thumbs flying to capture some sparkling phrase that sprinkled past my eyes like falling glitter on New Year’s Eve…reading every steamy word to my marvelous, ever-patient hubby over endless glasses of wine while he cooked up an assembly line of fabulous dinners…then editing, re-editing, highlighting, polishing, critiquing the hell out of it…the first three books in the Astral Heat Romance series have gone to my copy editor!!!

And I’m simultaneously elated and terrified to be closing in on the finish line.

I’m consoling myself with a Caribbean vacation in July (imagine Steven & me lying on a beach in Jamaica and sipping Pina Coladas on a catamaran in Honduras), so you won’t hear from me again until August.  However, I will be posting vacation pics of my well-tanned hubby and myself on social media!  Meanwhile, I’ve got megabites of mad reading pleasure—much of it free!—curated from across the universe for your delectation below.

Scroll right on down for all the freebies, giveaways, deals, and new-to-you authors you can load onto your favorite reading device!


We are at T minus four months to launch, but who’s counting? 😊
Available now for pre-order across the galaxy:



This month I’m dishing about SHOOT THE MESSENGER by Pippa Da Costa, Book 1 in The Messenger Chronicles. A PHENOMENAL intergalactic fantasy/sci fi/reverse harem mashup…think faeries in space, with artificial intelligence, space travel, dreamweaving, a superbly badass heroine with the galactic deck seriously stacked against her, and five hellaciously hot heroes in the harem.

Why did I love this series so much that I scarfed the whole thing in a week?

Aside from its truly unique worldbuilding—the Fae are interstellar bad guys jonesing for galactic dominion, and the dark heroine deceives and lies to everyone, even herself, to survive—this series features a hot hot hot dark fae supervillain (who of course joins the harem) and a partner-in-crime wardrone (think R2D2 with a raunchy sense of humor) who steals every scene he’s in. Plus, Kesh Lasota is the kind of heroine you really don’t want to mess with…yet she’s vulnerable.  I’m SERIOUSLY recommending this one.And the really crazy part? SHOOT THE MESSENGER is free!!


Ladies & gents, this bonanza bring you exotic aliens, sexy shifters, delectable dragons, decadent demons, and every other flavor of delicious in this paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi romance giveaway! Seriously, folks, this is your chance to try so many new authors in some of your favorite genres for free. The bad news? This basket of yummies is gone June 30.



I really love the concept behind this one. These authors teamed up to bring you a boatload of free first-in-series paranormal/urban fantasy/sci fi/fantasy romance reads. Due to the concept, I’m seeing some books here I haven’t seen in other bundles. I dig the feeling of diving into a new series and loving it!



Like a little dark & deadly with your secret book boyfriend? This book giveaway has all the dark romance you’ve been craving, and plenty of menage & reverse harem along with plenty of steamy M/F adventure. Wish I could read romance from three tablets at once!




+150 Free & Discounted Urban Fantasy, Space Travel, Sci Fi Romance & More—Plus a Kindle Fire Giveaway!
Yep, you heard me! That’s a LOT of free, almost-free, and Kindle Unlimited out-of-this-world fantasy & sci fi amazingness. I’m salivating over this one myself. This party ends July 15, so don’t dawdle!

“But I only want romance,” you said…
And here’s the romance-only bookfair for you!  60+ free or deeply discounted contemporary romance, paranormal romance, sci fi & fantasy romance, LGBT+ romance…and even a few reverse harems! This one too comes complete with a Kindle Fire giveaway, an Amazon gift card, and other delectables.  We are ALL going to win Kindle Fires at this point, people! This one ends in July.



“The Moon Hits the Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie”—A Super Blood Moon Dazzles Earthlings

Did you guys see this on June 10? From Brazil to Alaska, California to Indonesia, Earthlings marveled as the moon transformed into a flaming red giant! As one Twitter user, words failing, put it: ‘Man I’m in love with this urghhh.'” (New York Times, “A Super Blood Moon Dazzles Earthlings,” June 11, 2021)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s interstellar broadcast!  Don’t forget to track me on social media.  I’d love to connect with you.

Now on TikTok!



Until August, Happy Reading!


Steals and Deals!2021-12-04T22:42:13-11:00

Free Reads & Launch Countdown!


Hi there!

I’m super excited to send you this month’s interstellar broadcast because I’ve got TONS of free book giveaways and promos I’m supporting across the sci fi romance, fantasy romance, and erotic romance universe. Below is where I give you the goods!

While I’ve got you, I’m also loving the chance to share a few fun facts about being an indie reverse harem romance author. Just in case you’re ever wondering about trying it yourself!

Fun Fact #1: You really can write a steamy sex scene, well, anywhere.

It’s a not-so-closely-kept secret that I started writing my sexy reverse harem outer space romance adventure Interstellar Angel on my iPhone, using Google docs, while commuting to my government day job on the D.C. Metro.  At first I thought it might inhibit me, writing this sexy stuff on a packed commuter train…but that turned out to be, um, not a problem.  Not only was I perfectly content curled up on my banana-yellow bench typing furiously away with my thumbs while steam fogged my window.  I found I was also 100% capable of getting my heroine horizontal with three super-sexy space hunks while standing in the aisle, with suit-clad commuters wedged against me, reading over my shoulder literally as the words appeared.  If THAT doesn’t block me, I’m pretty sure nothing ever will!

Fun Fact #2: The most fun you’ll EVER have doing research is reverse harem erotic research. 😊

Not to mention, it makes a fabulous conversation starter!  I was in the Philippines on business and found myself sharing a breakfast table at the hotel with three male colleagues who were trainers at a workshop my organization was funding.  They were great guys and I felt comfy sharing what I write.  One guy asked if it’s hard doing all that sci fi research, and I said no, thanks to my background I felt pretty comfortable there, but what I really needed to research was all that polyamorous sex.  They were agog!  Until I explained that my “research” consisted largely of reading tons in the genre.  Probably good that I cleared that up, because married. 😊

Fun Fact #3: It’s awesome running your own publishing company!

One of the biggest thrills of this entire rollicking adventure has been becoming the president of my very own indie publishing company, Ascendant Press!  Last month I shared a bit about working with my outstanding writer-hubby Steven (my own real-life romance hero!) who acts as our CEO.  That means the two of us get to decide what stories we think readers want to see, and they don’t ALWAYS have to be reverse harem outer space adventure!  Next year—after a bunch of my Astral Heat Romance releases hit the street—we’ll be rolling out something totally different.  Steven’s debut memoir about growing up Amish-Mennonite and leaving that world to study Shakespeare in London on a Rotary scholarship. How To Tie a Tie, will be the debut release from Ascendant’s creative non-fiction imprint, Soul Teachers, tentatively slated for 2022.

Launch Countdown for INTERSTELLAR ANGEL

Houston, we are at T minus five months to launch!  We publish Oct. 12, 2021.  And I’m so excited I’m hugging myself and giggling. 😊  Available now for pre-order across the galaxy: 
Interstellar Angel (An Astral Heat Romance: #1) | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! (books2read.com)

Now on to the good stuff—my recommended read of the month and all those freebies!

Recommended Read of the Month:  Hot Reverse Harem Android Romance!
Good Deeds by Kathryn Moon
OMG, I read this book while lying on the beach in Key West for my uber-fun milestone birthday blowout, and it contributed SO magnificently to the frolic!  For me, it was like a super-steamy reverse harem Bladerunner, very noir and gritty futuristic, with spectacular worldbuilding and android heroes.  I’m still discovering all the marvelous diversity reverse harem has to offer, and I wasn’t 100% sure before I started that android RH romance was going to do it for me—but damn if it didn’t!  I simply loved this scary-capable space scavenger/engineer heroine and the five androids whose sexual services she barters her engineer skills to “borrow” after her biological heat sends her into an irresistible, multi-day mating frenzy.  Lots of sex, lots of action, and a standalone read with a goopy/satisfying happily-ever-after.  This one’s not a freebie, but it’s worth it!  Here’s the link: 
Good Deeds – Kindle edition by Moon, Kathryn, Bishop, Ariel, Box, Sara. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Do you happen to know of any other books like this one out there?  I’m talking really well-written, futuristic reverse harem romance with distinctive android or cyborg heroes and a compelling heroine, written in a noir style and set in a well-constructed sci fi world?  Shoot me an email or post on my Facebook or Twitter with your recs!

Erotic LGBTQ+ Free Book Bonanza of the Month:
Here comes the free stuff!  If you’re looking for super steamy in every single flavor, including plenty of hot M/M, M/M/F, and F/F action and all of it free free free, look no further!  Download these bad boys and girls PDQ, because the bonanza ends May 31. 
Erotic LGBT Romance Giveaway (bookfunnel.com)

Free Sci-Fi Romance Bonanza of the Month:
Here’s that huge, free sci-fi romance blowout you’ve been waiting for.  A galaxy of hot hunks & cosmic reads—all free for a limited time.  Teleport over & grab your freebies before they’re gone!  This party ends May 31.
Sci-Fi Romance for May (bookfunnel.com)

Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Freebies: 
Like a little fantasy & paranormal with your free romance?  Sexy shifters, cyborgs, alphas, and vampires of all possible flavors are available for the month of May only! 

May’s Magical Love FREEBIES ~ Soar with a supernatural partner! (bookfunnel.com)

Interstellar Broadcast:

I found this month’s real-world outer space newsflash in the New York Times:  “Scientists Unspool Story of Asteroid’s Journey to Botswana.”
Here’s my favorite quote:  “Five feet long and weighing about the same as an adult African elephant…the meteorites looked a lot like animal poop.  Bat-eared foxes and warthogs strolled past, lions stealthily stalked and slaughtered giraffes while…wardens protected the search party in case a fanged predator got too close for comfort.”  Sounds like an awesome setting for a sci fi romance!
A 22-Million-Year Journey From the Asteroid Belt to Botswana – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s fly-by fix!  Don’t forget to track me on social media.  I’d love to connect with you.

Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/LauraNavarreInterstellarRomance
Twitter:  www.Twitter.com/LauraNavarre
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/lauranavarre
My brand new website:  www.LauraNavarreSciFi.com (You can also email me here.)

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!





Copyright © 2021 LauraNavarreSciFi, All rights reserved.
Free Reads & Launch Countdown!2021-12-04T22:43:21-11:00

The Interstellar Journey I Never Thought I’d Make

Outer space adventure just got a whole lot hotter.

I was published traditionally with Harlequin and many others at the start of my writing career. But I stopped in 2017 to pivot toward a long-deferred PhD program and plan a cross-country migration from Seattle to Washington, D.C., where I started a new journey.

Now, midway through an intense academic program fueled by my “day job” for a government agency keeping weapons of mass destruction away from the bad guys, one of the most enjoyable surprises of a globally challenging 2020 was to find myself returning to the writing world in a whole new genre. I hadn’t written a word creatively since 2017, but the books that would become the Astral Heat romance series poured out of me in a way I never expected.

I built my historical writing career as a meticulous plotter. Outlining every book and scene before I wrote it, surrounded by piles of research notebooks and textbooks, approaching my writing with ritualistic attention to every detail. But Interstellar Angel—the book I never planned to start, much less finish—spilled out of my head onto the screen like a watermain break.

My characters dragged me by the ankles through this roller coaster of an outer space adventure in a completely spontaneous, no-holds-barred, no-rules-followed, seat-of-the-pants joyride. I wrote the entire first cycle of the series on my iPhone (three books!) I didn’t even realize there was a name for what I’d written–this epic romp through a galaxy far away with three intergalactic heroes and a totally badass rebel cybergirl heroine–until my writing guru Angela James told me, “It’s called reverse harem.”

So here I am today, still beavering away at the PhD in D.C., still saving the world from the bad guys one scientist at a time, and now launching this new career as a reverse harem space opera romance author for my very own independent publishing company, Ascendant Press. Interstellar Angel is the gateway to the Astral Heat universe, where Star Wars meets 50 Shades by way of The Hunger Games. In a galactic mating contest where desire can be deadly, the only guys my heroine wants are the three she can never trust.

If you like the sound of turbocharged outer space action with a fearless heroine, a complete cliffhanger series that ends with a guaranteed happily-ever-after and a whole lot of heat, you can grab a copy of Book 1 on preorder at the links below:


And if you like the book, or have ideas on what else you’d like to see in the reverse harem sci fi universe, please drop me a line. I’d be happy to hear from you!

Best wishes and happy reading,




Copyright © 2021 LauraNavarreSciFi, All rights reserved.


The Interstellar Journey I Never Thought I’d Make2021-09-10T00:56:35-11:00

Like to Read More Interstellar Romance Before It Hits the Street? 

Like to read more of my stuff before it releases across the galaxy? Read on…

One of the most exciting new things I’m doing as an indie author is launching Astral Angels! What’s that, you ask?  

It’s so important to get reviews on new books as soon as they launch. You probably give reviews a lot of attention when making a decision whether to try a new author or return to an old favorite–I know I do. Reviews persuade readers to give a new writer a shot and help drive early sales which, in turn, means that distributors like Amazon take notice and start to market on my behalf. 

To make all that happen, I’m setting up a small team of Advance Readers–the Astral Angels. This is a totally new thing for me, but pretty simple to do, and I hope it’s good fun. I’ll be sending these readers a copy of whatever book I’ve just finished–starting with the first three books in the Astral Heat Romance series over the coming months–and, when the book is published, hoping for a quick and honest review. So, pretty simple. I’m also hopeful these early readers might pick up any errors that slip past my editors and proofreader. Maybe you’ll even have suggestions for something I can change or incorporate in the next book.

Apart from getting a copy of the book before anyone else, I try and say thanks in other ways, such as signed print editions when the print books come out. I’m hoping to keep the team lean and compact, but I do have a couple of vacancies at the moment. If you’d like to get involved, please let me know!

Happy reading,





Copyright © 2021 LauraNavarreSciFi, All rights reserved.

Like to Read More Interstellar Romance Before It Hits the Street? 2021-09-10T00:55:09-11:00

Steamy Free Reads and More!

Dispatches from Space:

They say writing and publishing a book takes a village. When you’re a debut reverse harem sci fi romance author with three back-to-back releases, it takes a starbase.  A starbase peopled with extremely hot men!

When I dove into writing the faraway galaxy Astral Heat Romance series, I didn’t even know reverse harem was a thing. I was writing on my iPhone under quarantine purely for pleasure, and my adorable cosmic mate hubby Steven—himself a professional writer and writing mentor—was pretty much a captive audience. He gamely listened to rough-draft chapters I read him at night over a superb bottle of wine while he whipped up gourmet dinners for the two of us (yep, I’m a lucky one!)

And despite being a staunchly hetero male down to the last chromosome of his DNA, he listened with interest and encouragement to my steamy male-male and male-male-male and male-male-male-female encounters and offered thoughtful critique that made the whole project so much better.

I could never have written Interstellar Angel, the launch book for the Astral Heat Romance series, without Steven’s support. Now he’s also my business partner and CEO for Ascendant Press, the independent publishing company we rolled out during Covid as I pivoted away from a decade writing traditional romance for Harlequin into this new genre and this new indie universe. We’re learning so much so fast! Steven is the visionary and long-term strategist, while I’m the tactician and president—the one responsible for getting the enterprise launched and the books to market.

And because we’re a two-person show, Steven also functions as our secretary and the-guy-who-knows-where-everything-is, while I’m also the treasurer and keeper-afloat-of-our-financial-boat. Also aboard are our two Neva Masquerade Siberian cats, who provide emotional support, purrs and furry snuggles. Ahoy there! I’ll be posting more about York (colloquially known as Puddin) and Lannister (colloquially known as Squeaks).

And we have so much help! I’ll be future shout-outs to the amazing editors, formatters, cover artists, marketers, mentors, website mavens, author-advisers and crying pillows who are helping us launch this satellite into orbit.  

Interstellar Angel is our collective baby, our debut release, coming to a galaxy near you October 12. Think Star Wars meets Reverse Harem by way of The Hunger Games. Preorder links for your favorite bookseller are here at www.books2read.com/InterstellarAngel .


What I’m Reading:

Since I plunged into my reverse harem (RH) writing career so spontaneously, I’m binge reading to learn the genre and just hoovering up everything. My current indulgence is Rise of the Iliri by Auryn Hadley. It’s consistently one of the dominant recommended reads on the RH Facebook reader pages…of which there are so many! The heroine is a savagely competent alien assassin/orphan on a world brutally conquered by Terrans, and her harem of swordmates/comrades/lovers are various exotic flavors of alien-human crossbreed. (All of them yummy!)

It’s a gripping read with intricate worldbuilding, tons of sex-and-swordplay action, a journey of discovery for the heroine, an unconventional take on racial tension, and a full-spectrum emotional roller coaster ride. There’s no male-male action in this one (at least that I’ve encountered yet!), but plenty of sizzle and heat. Free on Kindle Unlimited for those who indulge!

Amazon.com: BloodLust: A Complete Epic Fantasy Series (Rise of the Iliri Book 1) eBook: Hadley, Auryn: Kindle Store

Free Read of the Month:
Fallen Warriors by Aurora Welkin

There’s nothing I love more than a sexy reverse harem sci fi free read!  The one I’m loving right now is Fallen Warriors by Aurora Welkin. A steamy adventure starring a human female and three sexy aliens who are determined to claim their mate! This one has no male-male action, but plenty of guy-guy-guy on girl sexy times!

We are warriors. We are shifters. We are Saberians.
We are the greatest…until we fall.

When the females of Saber mysteriously die, Prince Arana, the only remaining member of the Royal family, vows to govern the living and avenge the fallen.
As if being the new king was not enough, Arana faces a grave challenge. He and Beast, his sabertooth half, need to play nice long enough to accomplish the only thing that will save them: finding compatible females for his people.
He needs to lead his warriors by example, else his failure will cost him more than just his life. Will he locate a mate whom Beast will accept in time, or will he lead those he pledged to protect to doom?
Fallen Warriors is an origin story prequel that ends in a cliffhanger. Arana’s story climaxes in book 2 of the series, Saved Warriors, a sci-fi alien warrior MFMM reverse harem romance. (No M/M). Happily ever after guaranteed!
And did I mention it’s FREE? Grab your copy with a click:  
Get your FREE copy of Fallen Warriors (bookfunnel.com)

Recommended Romance: Her Two Men in Tahiti
by Dana Delamar & Kristine Cayne 

Maybe you’d prefer a little contemporary menage set in a glamorous international locale for your reading fix?  I’m giving a major shout-out to Dana Delamar and Kristine Cayne, whose Total Indulgence series was my intro to the genre. These books are like gourmet chocolate, to be nibbled and savored over a snifter of brandy while you sink deep into your favorite armchair. My absolute favorite is Her Two Men in Tahiti: A Rock Star Romance, with—you guessed it—two super-yummy British bad boy rock star heroes who’ve been jonesing for each other for years, and the super-appealing heroine they can’t get enough of.

Here’s your link for these bad boys:
Her Two Men in Tahiti: A Rock Star Romance (Total Indulgence Book 2) – Kindle edition by Delamar, Dana, Cayne, Kristine. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

And the full series:
Total Indulgence Series | Dana Delamar

Sci Fi Book Bonanza of the Month:

Looking for some bookish deals? This Fantasy & Sci-fi book fair has over 150 free & discounted books, plus KU finds! There’s also a huge giveaway at the bottom!  Open for the month of April only.

View the fair here: https://clcannon.net/bookfair

Did I mention there’s a chance to win a Kindle Fire, a one-month gift subscription to Owlcrate, and a $10 Starbucks gift card?

Erotic LBGTQ+ Book Bonanza of the Month: 

And if you’re looking for super steamy in every single flavor, including plenty of hot M/M, M/M/F, and F/F action that’s 100% free, look no further! Here’s your fix for these bad boys and girls:


This bonanza is up and running through May 31.

Interstellar Broadcast: 
And, to wrap it up this month, a New York Times headline to thrill any sci fi romance reader’s soul: “As New Yorkers Keep Heads up, UFO Reports are on the Rise.” Makes me want to read more alien romance!

U.F.O. Reports Surged During the Pandemic – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

See you on the far side!





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Your Exclusive Free Peek at INTERSTELLAR ANGEL 

Here’s the teaser you requested for my reverse harem sci fi debut!

It’s fabulous to have you on board–and to share an exclusive free peek at my reverse harem space opera/sci fi romance debut Interstellar Angel.

One of the biggest (and best) differences between my former career as a traditionally published Harlequin romance author and my exciting pivot to indie is direct engagement with my readers.

So if you want to get in touch, please do. You might have a question about one of my books. Or you might have a general question about writing and publishing. Or maybe you have ideas on something you think I could do better.

Whatever it is, please drop me a line. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Now…free stuff!

Here’s the fun bit. Apart from taking the opportunity to say thanks and hello, I promised you an exclusive peek at my epic, hyper-sexy, turbocharged reverse harem sci fi romance debut and here it is!

Interstellar Angel

In a galactic mating contest where desire can be deadly, the only guys she wants are the three she can never trust.

In a galaxy on the edge of apocalypse, cyber samurai Kaia of Kryll is the daughter of a tyrant who’s worshipped as a god by billions. A prison sentence she’ll kill to escape, since women like Kaia are worshipped in chains. And she’s just become the prize five hundred testosterone-fueled suitors will lie, seduce, and slaughter to possess in a ritual contest for her bed.

In the scramble to slip past her samurai defenses into her cybersuit, the only guys she wants are the three she can never trust. These four have a boatload of shared secrets and a shared passion so combustible it’s practically pyrophoric—breaking every dangerous rule on a world where lovers are crucified for unconventional unions. Their illicit heat will either end the war destroying all their races…

Or get the four of them killed when a god unleashes a fatwa for their heads.


Discover Interstellar Angel and blast off to adventure today!






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